I Don’t Know What To Draw

I’m sitting here trying to come up with a topic for this blog post, hitting a wall for ideas. Writers block isn’t only for writers. Ever heard of artists block?

One of the struggles I personally experience a lot with art is trying to figure out what I want to create. I stare at a piece of paper for 30 minutes and end up getting frustrated and watching a movie instead. It always makes me feel like a failure in some way.

Picasso’s Golden Advice

About a year ago I came across a quote from Pablo Picasso: “To know what you want to draw, you have to start drawing.”

I read this and thought “frick yeah this is the answer to my artists block! I am going to draw all the time now and its going to be great.” Here is what happened: I would sit down, pick up my pencil, touch the pencil to the paper, and start drawing lines. Eventually I would just end up with a page full of weird lines. Thanks for the advice Picasso.

My Golden Realization

Within the last month or so, I decided to reflect on the art I have looked at in my art history courses and I realized that art isn’t necessarily about what you draw but rather how you draw. This is where an artist can develop style and skill.sketchbook

Art doesn’t need to be abstract, extravagant, colorful, outrageous, whatever. Obviously it can be and that art is beautiful, but I think one of the most important things an artist can do to stay with it is to practice drawing every day objects.

I discovered this when I was feeling artists block and all I wanted to do was draw something. I also wanted to use my watercolor paints. I have a gingko plant in my room that is planted in a colorful pot. I decided- hm, maybe I’ll draw that. And I freaking did. I was able to spend more time on the actual drawing than thinking about what I was going to draw.1

After this, I took a trip to Dick Blick and bought a pocket size sketchbook. I bring this wibottle-sketchth me everywhere and try to sketch at least one thing per day. I’ll often practice drawing my hand because it is always there, but learning to take whatever is in front of me and just drawing it helps so much.

Maybe this post will help you to become more creative in your daily life. Just remember that practice makes perfect and not everything you draw has to be a masterpiece.

Photos are all my own.


Bob Ross

Yes you’ve read correctly. Bob Ross. What’s an art blog without some Bob Ross?

Who is Bob Ross?

Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably heard of Bob Ross. If you don’t know, here’s some background:

He was an American painter, art instructor, and he also had his own show. On this show he would teach everyday people how to paint.


Painting Style

Ross is known for his landscapes. He used a wet-on-wet style, meaning he wouldn’t let the paint dry before adding another layer of paint. This makes a smooth, blended, seamless effect to a painting. This technique can be very difficult as it is easier to end up with a muddy finish if blended too much or smudged.

What I love so much about his painting style is how for the first 20 minutes of the painting, it looks like blobs of paint. It doesn’t look like much but once he goes in to add subtle details it turns into a masterpiece.

He will typically use a larger brush or a mixing knife with oil paints to paint.


Bob Ross and Nature

Bob Ross shows a true appreciation of nature in his work, which I appreciate. He paints a lot of mountains and trees in his art. His sunsets are always beautiful.

Art Philosophy

Bob Ross is all about encouraging everyone to paint. You can learn anything if you just practice. As anĀ art gal, I can attest to this mantra. I’ve seen people start drawing for the first time ever during their sophomore year of high school. They practiced a ton and now one of them is studying art at UCLA. Practice makes perfect.

He also kept a positive attitude throughout painting. It is quite endearing. He spoke about his art as if it were living inside the canvas, as if the subject matter had feelings. What a great way to treat your creations.


Bob Ross painted until his death in 1995. 20 years later and people are still watching his painting videos. He is admired by many for his positivity, sensitivity, and creativity.




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