Pop Art

What is Pop Art?

Pop Art sprouted in the 1950s. In order to understand the purpose of Pop Art, it is important to understand what the world was going through. This was post WWII and art is something that is generally for the more educated population.

However, artists wanted the general public to be able to appreciate art. How do you reach the general population? You turn to pop culture.

Using popular culture in modern art allowed for people to recognize and understand the art that was being made. For example, Roy Lichtenstein took cells from comic books and would paint the single cell. People knew where the content came from, or at least that it was a comic book, but they weren’t given the context which is where the artistic element comes in. The viewer is still challenged to interpret meaning. It is more comfortable to stand in front of something that you at least know a little bit about- popular culture –> POP ART.

Pop Art, in design, is commercial, colorful, and simple.

Here is a YouTube video that explains Pop Art really well:

Here are some examples of the more well-known Pop Artists:

Andy Warhol


Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn), 1967

Roy Lichtenstein


Artist’s Studio “Foot Medication”, 1974

Claes Oldenburg


Flying Pizza, from New York Ten, 1964

All of the artists I mentioned in this blog post have work displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago in the Modern Wing. Get on the train and check these out.