Diane Arbus

To continue expanding on our types of art, its finally time to touch on photography.

was developed in 1837 in Europe. It spread rapidly, making it to the U.S. by 1838.

It took on average 7 minutes to take a single photo. Nowadays we are at half of a second to take a good photo. Its wild to think about how much technology has developed.

12-lede-diane-arbus-w750-h560-2xDiane Arbus

diane-arbus-1949Diane Arbus is one of the most recognized photographers in the 20th century. She produced the bulk of her work in the first half of the 1900s.

She was married to the actor, Allan Arbus, for about 25 years of her life. They lived in New York and thrived on the artistic opportunity the city had to offer.

What did she photograph?

While in the city, she picked up the art of photography. She is known for her subject matter. She photographed pe64898a35ccd917f2a7df6be4bd681929ople who were considered to be lesser in society. This included dwarfs, giants, transvestites, etc.

Her work is defined as idiosyncratic, meaning that it is very individualized. She didn’t focus on groups or events but rather the different types of people that resided in NYC. She looked at people for their individual attributes. Her photographs dug into the depths of society.


Diane’s photographs are admirable in that they expose the parts of NYC that aren’t so picturesque. She puts the undesirables, if you will, in the spotlight. Exposing the weird makes them less marginalized given that she shows them in everyday life.

I think a lot of times people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Exposing the different types of lives that are existing in NYC, it makes the public more aware and potentially more comfortable when in the presence of someone who doesn’t fit the cookie cutter standard that society holds for its people.

Is it really that weird to be a dwarf? Be a man and wear makeup? Be seven feet tall? How common is it for people to break away from the norm?

Diane’s work was recently exhibited at The Met in New York City.


Diane Arbus holding her camera

Portrait of Diane Arbus

A Young Man in Curlers at Home on West 20th Street, N.Y.C. 1966


The Lumineers

Have you ever listened to a song or an album for the first time maybe you find yourself swaying back and forth without even thinking about it?

Music has the ability to bring back memories, change moods, it can be an experience.

9tmri2pkToday I am going to be talking about The Lumineers. Their group is comprised of three individuals: Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, and Neyla Pekarek. I would categorize them into the genre of indie folk.

The Lumineers (2012)

I first heard The Lumineers a few years ago when they released their self titled album in 2012. I’ve loved this album from the start. My favorites were Dead Sea, Stubborn Love, and Flapper Girl. These are the more melodic tracks on the album. I tend to gravitate towards616wdxrkpol-_sy355_ pretty melodies, rifs that dip and make you sway, an element of music in which The Lumineers have mastered.

The music on this album uses a lot of piano, drums, light guitar, and tambourines.

Cleopatra (2016)

Finally after three years, The Lumineers released their second album, Cleopatra. This album uses more guitar and drums compared to their first album. The style of music remains very similar in the sense that you can easily tell that it is the same band, however, this time around the music is more produced.

Produced does not mean bad. I feel often times when someone says something is produced that it is immediately associated with there being a lack of talent or rawness. I think production can help to enhance the intensity of a song. It also shows effort that is being put into the music besides the work of the musicians. unknown

I like this album more than the first one. I think it holds a stronger theme and seems overall more cohesive. It tells a story if you really pay attention to the lyrics.

What is this album about?

Essentially the album is about the hardships a person going through a relationship. It starts at the beginning, a wild adventure with someone the subject loves. It then moves to a sadder topic. There is a death in the family of the subject.
I say subject because the person being talked about in the album is never given an identity. The only clue we, as the listeners, are given is that the subject is female.

Continuing, the subject goes through a confusing time of deciding whether or not to be in a relationship, is she more comfortable with the identity of single or taken? All of this is going on and her head is spinning. There seems to be a lag where
she is just living life. Relationships and adventure seem to be the main themes of this album.

The song ends with Patience. It features only a piano and it ends with 20 seconds of silence. What a beautiful ending. It leaves the listener to wonder what ends up happening to the woman in the album. Be patient with life, it will run its course whether you like it or not.

Songs to listen to

My favorite songs on the album are Sleep On The Floor, Cleopatra, Angela, My Eyes, and Gun Song.

The album ends with Patience. I don’t think there could be a more fitting ending to the album. It is a piano piece.

If you watch the music videos Sleep On The Floor, Angela, and Cleopatra in that order, they are all related. Its a very cool series.

I would say that overall, The Lumineers hold a sound that is more bare compared to artists such as Drake, One Direction, etc. It is minimal, light, pretty, and easy to listen to. That being said it still holds a sense of uniqueness that stands out among artists today.


Band Photo

The Lumineers Album Cover

Cleopatra Album Cover


For today’s blogpost, we’re bringing it back to the 16th century. Specifically to 16th century Europe. Hieronymus Bosch was from the Netherlands and although hportrait.jpge is from northern Europe, his work circulated around the entire continent.

I don’t want this post to be a history lesson on Hieronymus Bosch. Instead I am going to focus on one particular painting from Bosch and explain its significance and details.

Garden of Earthly Delights

This painting is currently housed at the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain. This is where I first laid eyes on the panel piece. In real life it is absolutely stunning. It was one of those paintings where people just stop and crowd around for 15-20 minutes at a time.

The painting was originally made as an altarpiece paneling. It depicts heaven on the left panel, earth on the center panel, and hell on the right panel. These types of paintings were generally used to explain certain aspects of religion, in this particular case it is to represent humanity and the after life.

The Panels el_jardin_de_las_delicias_de_el_bosco

It is interesting that Bosch only included three human figures on the heaven panel. I believe it is supposed to be Adam, Eve, and God. I think it is interesting th
at no mortal humans are included.

The earth panel shows all of the sin happening in the natural world. It is over crowded, people are all over one another. It is a chaotic place.

To top the chaos on earth, hell is depicted as a crazy, on fire, really strange place of suffering. There are strange beings all around, such as a pair of ears with a blade in between, half of a shell-like body, a bird man, etc.

Its Significance

This was finished in 1515. Just think about that. How crazy is it that something this bold was created 500 years ago. There are people having sex, killing each other, and being tortured. This was a time where it wasn’t even acceptable to portray nudity unless done so on Greek gods.

swans-reflecting-elephantsPlenty of artists took inspiration from Bosch, including Salvador Dali. Bosch’s work is so bold and unique that it is not difficult to pick out his admirers.

If you are interested in learning about more specific aspects of the painting, BBC has a more in depth observation of the painting.

Photo credit:

Bosch Portrait 

Garden of Earthly Delights

Dali Painting

Beginners (2010)

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-11-29-22-amAre we really ever an expert in anything? In reality, there’s always going to be something to learn or learn more about whether it be love, history, foreign film, a language, whatever it may be. When does a person make it past the “beginner stage”, if ever?

What is Beginners (2010)?

In Beginners (2010), a man, after being married for 44 years loses his wife, decides to open up about being gay. After doing so, he starts with the party scene and finds himself in a nonexclusive relationship with a younger man. While all of this is going on, his son struggles to find love.

I watched this movie a few years ago back in high school and the other day I found it on Netflix and decided to watch it again. After a few years of life experience, I finished this movie with what felt like more than I did the last time I watched it.

There’s beauty in this film. It is interesting to watch a person find a piece of
themselves after so many years. The man knew he was gay his entire life but still chose to get married and raise a child. 44 years later and he is living a completely different life. Does he like the new life he has taken on? It is never explicitly disclosed.

Why is this on my blog?

I know what you’re thinking- why am I talking about a movie and beginnings on an art blog?

Well my curious readers, here is a loose definition of what I consider to be art: anything manmade that provokes a feeling, thought, or emotional response. This is why the blog includes studio art, film, music, etc. It is all manmade and has some sort of effect on my soul (and hopefully yours too).

The Beauty of Beginners (2010)

Lets start with the soundtrack. It leans more towards early mid 20th century music- not something you hear too often in modern film. I think the music is meant to bring you back to the youth of the old man who is dying in his 70s but is still doing what he can to experience a new lifestyle. It takes the characters back to the beginning.

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-11-47-05-amThe aesthetic of the film is also unique. A lot of times cinematographers will choose a loose color palette for a movie to add to the intended overall feel. Beginners (2010) keeps a more muted color palette, using greenish, toned down yellows, browns, off-whites, etc.

The color palette mixed with the early to mid 20th century music makes for a somewhat unexciting theme. However, this is combatted by the blossoming love of the old man’s son and a woman he met at a party. It is an interest contrast.

This is the type of movie that makes you feel calm, warm, sad, excited, all of the feelings.

Lastly I am going to mention the underlying theme of beginnings. I think it is beautiful that this movie encourages new beginnings at any stage of life. It is never too late to start something new.

This movie is currently available on Netflix.

Photos are from IMDB (2010).

Sally Nixon

To start off the arteresting posts, I am writing today about Sally Nixon. She is an artist from Arkansas with a degree in illustration. The main subject she tends to focus on are girls. She creates I suppose what could be categorized as genre scenes. A genre336_365drawing scene is a depiction of everyday life.

Her illustrations feature everyday women/girls doing everyday things. Often times they are eating, showering, lounging around, dancing, etc.

I came across Sally Nixon on her Etsy page, which is the platform she uses to sell her work. Her prints typically go for about $20 a piece. She also sells a sticker set for $10. Nice and affordable.

One of the reasons I love her work so much is the honesty. In our society, girls are not advertised as eating cake in the middle of the night, using the bathroom, whatever it may be. She touches on the fun side of being a girl- eating donuts in the park with your best friend and listening to Dolly Parton (you may think you don’t like her but listen to 9 to 5 and you will) while eating pizza. There is a sense of reality in her work but she portrays it in a fun and colorful way.

The illustrations are cute, whimsical, and very well done.

She uses a light wash of color. I would guess she uses artist markers to achieve a soft color while still being precise. She then defines her work with an ink pen.


Photos are from sallynixon.com (2017)

Hi, I’m Lauren. What’s your name?

I am a third year college student looking for a place to compile art that I find interesting (arteresting). This blog will not only feature studio art, but also film, photography, music, etc. Art comes in many forms and I want to include as much of it as I can. Consider this to be a hub for all artistic forms.

I am minoring in studio art and art history, which puts me in a position to critically evaluate and discuss different types of art (at a third year college level). I will include both art that I find to be interesting and beautiful and I will also occasionally post some of my own work.

I hope this can be a place for others to interact about personal artistic interests. Another reason I want to publicly post my own interests is to learn about the interests of others. There is more to art than just my own interests.