The Lumineers

Have you ever listened to a song or an album for the first time maybe you find yourself swaying back and forth without even thinking about it?

Music has the ability to bring back memories, change moods, it can be an experience.

9tmri2pkToday I am going to be talking about The Lumineers. Their group is comprised of three individuals: Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, and Neyla Pekarek. I would categorize them into the genre of indie folk.

The Lumineers (2012)

I first heard The Lumineers a few years ago when they released their self titled album in 2012. I’ve loved this album from the start. My favorites were Dead Sea, Stubborn Love, and Flapper Girl. These are the more melodic tracks on the album. I tend to gravitate towards616wdxrkpol-_sy355_ pretty melodies, rifs that dip and make you sway, an element of music in which The Lumineers have mastered.

The music on this album uses a lot of piano, drums, light guitar, and tambourines.

Cleopatra (2016)

Finally after three years, The Lumineers released their second album, Cleopatra. This album uses more guitar and drums compared to their first album. The style of music remains very similar in the sense that you can easily tell that it is the same band, however, this time around the music is more produced.

Produced does not mean bad. I feel often times when someone says something is produced that it is immediately associated with there being a lack of talent or rawness. I think production can help to enhance the intensity of a song. It also shows effort that is being put into the music besides the work of the musicians. unknown

I like this album more than the first one. I think it holds a stronger theme and seems overall more cohesive. It tells a story if you really pay attention to the lyrics.

What is this album about?

Essentially the album is about the hardships a person going through a relationship. It starts at the beginning, a wild adventure with someone the subject loves. It then moves to a sadder topic. There is a death in the family of the subject.
I say subject because the person being talked about in the album is never given an identity. The only clue we, as the listeners, are given is that the subject is female.

Continuing, the subject goes through a confusing time of deciding whether or not to be in a relationship, is she more comfortable with the identity of single or taken? All of this is going on and her head is spinning. There seems to be a lag where
she is just living life. Relationships and adventure seem to be the main themes of this album.

The song ends with Patience. It features only a piano and it ends with 20 seconds of silence. What a beautiful ending. It leaves the listener to wonder what ends up happening to the woman in the album. Be patient with life, it will run its course whether you like it or not.

Songs to listen to

My favorite songs on the album are Sleep On The Floor, Cleopatra, Angela, My Eyes, and Gun Song.

The album ends with Patience. I don’t think there could be a more fitting ending to the album. It is a piano piece.

If you watch the music videos Sleep On The Floor, Angela, and Cleopatra in that order, they are all related. Its a very cool series.

I would say that overall, The Lumineers hold a sound that is more bare compared to artists such as Drake, One Direction, etc. It is minimal, light, pretty, and easy to listen to. That being said it still holds a sense of uniqueness that stands out among artists today.


Band Photo

The Lumineers Album Cover

Cleopatra Album Cover


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