Sally Nixon

To start off the arteresting posts, I am writing today about Sally Nixon. She is an artist from Arkansas with a degree in illustration. The main subject she tends to focus on are girls. She creates I suppose what could be categorized as genre scenes. A genre336_365drawing scene is a depiction of everyday life.

Her illustrations feature everyday women/girls doing everyday things. Often times they are eating, showering, lounging around, dancing, etc.

I came across Sally Nixon on her Etsy page, which is the platform she uses to sell her work. Her prints typically go for about $20 a piece. She also sells a sticker set for $10. Nice and affordable.

One of the reasons I love her work so much is the honesty. In our society, girls are not advertised as eating cake in the middle of the night, using the bathroom, whatever it may be. She touches on the fun side of being a girl- eating donuts in the park with your best friend and listening to Dolly Parton (you may think you don’t like her but listen to 9 to 5 and you will) while eating pizza. There is a sense of reality in her work but she portrays it in a fun and colorful way.

The illustrations are cute, whimsical, and very well done.

She uses a light wash of color. I would guess she uses artist markers to achieve a soft color while still being precise. She then defines her work with an ink pen.


Photos are from (2017)


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